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Plow & Hearth Home Accents

Buy Books about Water Fountains:
Simple Fountains for Indoors & Outdoors : 20 Step-By-Step Projects - Bring home the soothing sounds of water. The endless murmur and flow of a bubbling fountain adds a touch of elegance to both homes and gardens. Now, fountain designer and manufacturer Dorcas Adkins reveals her trade secrets for making 20 creative fountains-from a small, tabletop fountain put together without a single tool to a dramatic outdoor spouting wall fountain or a full-sized waterfall-and at far less cost than for those found in upscale catalogs. Step by step, Simple Fountains for Indoors.

Quick & Easy Container Water Gardens : Simple-To-Make Water Features and Fountains for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens
- Whether water in the garden takes the form of a still pond that reflects the sky and plants around it or a gentle trickling fountain that soothes the soul with its gentle sounds, there is little doubt that people of all ages are drawn to water features. Fortunately, adding a water feature to the home or garden is easier than ever before.

Water in the Garden : A Complete Guide to the Design and Installation of Ponds, Fountains, Streams, and Waterfalls - Illustrated with 250 color photographs, explains design principles and construction hints for ponds, fountains, waterfalls, bridges, and such accessories as plants, fish, and birds. No specialized knowledge is necessary to understand the text, but a fairly high degree of finances would be necessary to carry out any of the designs.

Fountains and Cascades (For Your Garden)

Waterfalls, Fountains, Pools & Streams : Designing & Building Water Features for Your Garden

Making Paths & Walkways : Creative Ideas and Simple Techniques

Designs for Garden Paths : 150 Designs for Walkways, Terraces and Steps (Schiffer Design Book)


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