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Knoxville Art Galleries

Frames & Images Inc.
See our online gallery of images from prominent local and national artists. Learn about the custom picture framing process.

Jim Gray Gallery
From the stormy seascapes off the coast of southern Alabama to the serene landscapes of the Smoky Mountains National Park in East Tennessee, Jim's artwork captures the diverse and intriguing nature of the man himself. With the spirit and soul of a great explorer, Jim has searched the world over for adventure. Whether he is crashing through ocean waves or enjoying a hearty conversation with a new found friend, he is always watching for the single moment in time that captures each experience. Through his painting he tells a vivid story that brings to life each experience, so that anyone who looks upon it can share the moment too.

Three Flights Up Gallery is the online home of Three Flights Up Gallery, an unconventional downtown gallery space for local Tennessee Artists. The gallery is a not-for-profit project operated by Artists for Artists that opens only for Downtown Knoxville's First Fridays (a walking gallery tour of downtown galleries on the first friday of each month). The website features information on upcoming shows at the gallery as well as images of artwork by the local artists that participate.


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